CETCO has announced NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 60 certification for the company’s Rel-PAC Xtra-Low filtration control additive. In a release, the company says the low-viscosity, non-fermenting dry polymer is designed for use as a filtration control additive for a variety of drilling fluid applications.

Rel-PAC Xtra-Low, the company says, works in bentonite or polymer-based fluids to increase borehole stability by lowering filtrate and fluid loss more effectively than other PACs. Rel-PAC Xtra-Low aids cleaning by not significantly raising viscosities and impeding flow. It also helps control reactive formations by reducing available water and controls unconsolidated formations by reducing fluid loss.

CETCO says the additive provides contractors more flexibility in matching fluid to formation while maintaining lower annular pressure. The company also says it is equally effective in sand and clay when drilling through multiple formations.

Contractors can use Rel-PAC Xtra-Low can be used in several drilling applications, including groundwater, HDD, geotechnical, geothermal, mining and foundations. CETCO adds that it’s compatible with drilling fluids recycling equipment and does not blind vibratory screening equipment. The product can be introduced slowly through a Venturi hopper or polymer eductor.

For more information, visit www.cetco.com/dpg.