Aquasol Corporation, a South Carolina-based oil and gas supplier, has launched a new line of products that are NSF/ANSI 60 certified. They are designed for used in horizontal directional drilling (HDD), water well drilling, foundation drilling, pipeline drilling and other applications where NSF/ANSI 60 is required.

Aquadril LC is a modified polysaccharide designed to control fluid loss and provide the low shear rheology required to remove the cuttings and prevent settling in drilling muds. Aquadril D is a highly dispersible grade of the same polymers, and is specifically designed for applications where good mixing is not available.

Both the products are powders, supplied in either bags or buckets. The materials are based on natural polymers and could be considered environmentally friendly, the company says.

Aquasol Corporation is an experienced supplier of chemically modified polysaccharides to the drilling industry.  Products provide fluid loss control and tailored rheology engineered for specific applications. For further information, visit