If you thought my “you don’t want to miss this” line was corny, you’re right! But if you’re reading this article, then you can’t deny that my corny tagline worked.

Writing a job ad today isn’t as easy as it used to be. The labor market has shifted, and companies are no longer able to just post a job and wait on the never-ending flow of qualified applicants to come in. It’s a candidate-driven market, and job seekers have access to more opportunities than ever. It’s crucial to craft a job ad that makes potential applicants want to learn more about your organization and (best case scenario) apply to the position.


The most important aspect of a job ad is the tagline, or the opening. But a quick peek at Indeed reveals hundreds of job ads that start with, “Our company is the leading provider of …” Yes, it’s important to share information about your company with potential job seekers, but it isn’t necessarily the first thing they need to read on your job ad.

When writing a tagline or opening for an ad, consider what would interest you if you were looking for a new career opportunity. Would you want to know about the culture of the organization, the work hours, the work-life balance, or perhaps the benefits that company offers? All these aspects would be more appealing to a potential job seeker than reading a paragraph about your company’s history and position in the market.

Don’t fear a bold tagline. You want to grab people’s attention immediately so that they want to learn more about the position. Share a fun fact about your company. Quote something an employee said as a “company brag.” Bottom line: Be creative.

Incorporate Video

Video communication grows more prevalent in our daily lives, and that extends into the way we search for career opportunities. YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are all wildly successful platforms for video communication. As part of your company’s branding strategy, consider creating custom video content that you can use for recruitment.

One simple way of doing this involves creating “a day in the life of a driller” content. Consider interviewing someone currently in the role or shadow them to experience a typical day on the job. Snap photos and video of what the job is truly like and consider doing a voiceover to describe the work and tasks completed. This is a fun way to capture what someone will do in a job without writing out a bulleted task list.

Remember: “What’s in It for Me?”

When writing your job ad, remember what you cared most about the last time you searched for a job opportunity. Think about what makes your drilling company different and unique. The day-to-day tasks may be the least interesting and enticing aspect of the job, yet many job ads list those items first. If your company has an amazing benefits package highlight that at the top of your job ad instead, and consider saying something like, “Here’s why our employees love working at XYZ Company.”

Always remember that job seekers have seen dozens of job ads. In this competitive market, differentiate your company by showing applicants exactly why your job is the best one out there.

Describe the Ideal Candidate

Another way you can differentiate your job ad is to think about the ideal candidate in your mind and personify them on paper. Consider what someone in this role would enjoy doing, or what soft skills and personality traits they might have. Would they need to be outgoing and willing to speak up? Would the ideal candidate be someone who enjoys working outdoors? Is the ideal candidate someone who is longing for more challenging and interesting work?

Answering these types of questions will give you a list of traits and characteristics that you can highlight in a job ad. You can then frame out those traits by asking a question like, “Do you thrive in situations that challenge you to think outside the box?” In this way, you entice applicants who meet that persona to read more.

Writing a description of a job is easy and coming up with a bulleted task list is even easier. But crafting a job ad that really speaks to candidates about the true value of the opportunity is an art. It takes some added finesse and creativity. Embracing these best practices will help ensure your recruitment team attracts as many job applicants as possible.