Doofor Inc. is launching a new version in the DF550/560-series of drill. The DF560L-2M is now the most powerful rock drill available in the Doofor fleet.

The new Doofor DF560L-2M is a high-frequency hydraulic rock drill, which is specially designed for

production drilling on surface, underground and tunneling. It comes equipped with two powerful Danfoss OMS-series rotation motors. The drifter provides 20 kW percussion power. Using the DF560L-2M, it is possible to maintain high rotation speed in rock drilling, complemented with powerful torque that is needed in sedimentary rock drilling, for example.

The new model is suitable for many types of heavy machinery including excavator drill attachments, drilling rigs and bolting systems. Optimal maximum hole diameter for the DF560L-2M is 3 ½ inches in hard rock, such as granite. With softer rock, a larger hole diameter can be achieved.

In addition, the model has a very low overhead, just 84 millimeters from drill center line. Low profile allows closer and deeper drilling, up to the roof and straighter according to targeted line. Low physical profile also offers up more possibilities in drill design.

The rock drill has a separated flushing head that allows utilization of different flushing media such as water or air or air-water mist. As an option for regular type, Doofor has invented a new BLT-flushing head with enhanced, close-fitted properties. It is made of stainless steel and designed for challenging environments to protect the drill, especially when water and cement is used. In operation, BLT-flushing head prevents water from leaking inside the drill and causing damages. Therefore the rig can perform with full capacity with relatively low maintenance costs.

The new model is adjustable with R38, T38 and T45 shank adapters and when a BLT-flushing head is used. Female FR28 and FR32 shank adapters are also available. For tap hole drilling, the drill can be equipped with heat-resistant sealing.

Doofor produces high-performance rock drills, drifters and their spare parts. Established in 1993, the company bases its business on expertise in product development and long-term customer partnerships. Today Doofor drills are sold across 40 countries in four continents. To learn more, visit