Boart Longyear has introduced the S250-M3 rock drill, a product designed to minimize noise and vibration for operators.

“A drill operator stated that it was the first time he could feel his hands and feet after using a rock drill for a full shift,” said John Nielson, global product manager at Boart Longyear. “The S250-M3 reduces the noise level by 6 decibels, which results in half the noise.”

The company says that, when compared to competing rock drills, the S250-M5 has 50 percent less noise. While being quieter, the company says the S250-M5 doesn’t skimp on power: It features an increase of 39 percent in torque — a gain of more than 6 inches in penetration per minute at 110 psi. The drill also, due to decreased vibration, sees less wear, allowing it to last longer without repair.

The S250-M3 has three variations for different customer needs: jackleg, stopper and sinker. Drill hex chuck ends come in 22 mm and 25 mm.

While the S250-M3 is significantly quieter, Boart Longyear, of course, still recommends industry standard hearing conservation efforts to maintain operator safety.

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