Vermeer has released the latest update to its horizontal directional drill lineup with the introduction of the D24x40 S3.

“The Vermeer D24x40 model series has been one of the best-selling drills in the history of horizontal diectional drilling since its introduction in 1993,” said Jon Kuyers, senior global product manager, underground, for Vermeer. “Contractors around the globe have trusted their reliability; now with the addition of more drilling power, and reduced sound and cycle times — we’ve made one of the best drills in the market better. It’s the ultimate machine to handle a wide range of installation projects.”

The new rig features 28,000 pounds (124.6 kN) of thrust and pullback, and 4,200 foot-pounds (5,694 Nm) of rotational torque. In a release, Vermeer says improvements in ground, carriage and rotational speed and in breakout efficiency on the D24x40 will help HDD contractors maximize jobsite productivity.

The D24x40 also contributes to a quieter jobsite, with a low 104 dBA guaranteed sound power level and operator ear rating of 82.9 dBA. Vermeer says this reduces disturbance to areas surrounding the jobsite and enables easier crew communication.

It has a carriage speed of 240 feet per minute and a 253 rpm rotation speed, which the company says outpaces competing machines. The D24x40 features a 125-horsepower, liquid-cooled diesel John Deere 4045 4.5-liter, which is fully compliant with Tier 4 emissions standards.

The D24x40 comes with Vermeer’s common control system, which cuts down the need for operator training. It includes a digital display, improved onboard diagnostics and common joystick controls. The DigiTrak Aurora touch screen display shows operators real-time location information, bore plans and more. Vermeer’s InSite Fleet remote monitoring system comes standard, and customers can activate the optional InSite Fleet Edge remote monitoring system in January 2016.

Vermeer Corporation, based in Pella, Iowa, serves utility drilling, surface mining and pipeline drilling markets. The company also works in agriculture, biomass and other equipment areas. For more information, visit or email