In 2023, we further pushed the bounds what it means to be a business-to-business (B2B) brand and our readers followed right behind. We renewed our commitment to the best news, information, columns, videos and podcasts. You rewarded us with 13% more website visits year over year, and our pageviews climbed almost 4%. We appreciate your vote of confidence in what we do.

It’s been a few years, but we’re back to rounding up our top 10 stories of the year. The ground rules: This list includes our top 10 stories by pageviews, published Dec. 16, 2022, through Dec. 15, 2023. We find that when we put together lists like this, there’s always that one story that published in December, but didn’t catch on until after the turn of the year.

OK, that’s the boring housekeeping stuff. You came here for the top 10, so let’s get started.

A Navajo Water Ruling, plus We Preview Jubilee

The Driller Newscast episode 68 was our first back from summer break, and we celebrated with friend of the brand Kim Barclay, executive director of the South Atlantic Jubilee. We previewed the 2023 show and discussed the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Arizona v. Navajo Nation.

The Driller and the Jubilee go way back, so it’s always nice to hear about the latest and visit with Kim.

Mud School: Boost Your Geotechnical Drilling Company’s Mojo

Jeff Garby of Alucast Inc. started his Underground Network column with us this year, and he brings an infectious energy for the industry. In this July column, he talks about the value and virtues of mud school for geotechnical drillers. Readers resonate with folks who can come in and add a little value to their lives, and Jeff takes knowledge sharing seriously.

Voices of the Drilling Industry Sharing Knowledge

Anchor Brock Yordy wanted to make a big splash with this special 50th episode in February, and succeeded. He lined up a who’s-who of industry vets and fresh perspectives. Expert guests talk about everything from advice to drilling newbies to overcoming equipment challenges. As always, the value of our industry is a big topic. “We have to start believing that we are as important as every other one of these skilled trades,” Safety 365 columnist Dave Bowers says. Your thoughts?

Modern-Day Pump Hoists: an Evolution in Lifting

Drilling veteran John Schmitt’s “Let Me Tell Ya” column remains popular with readers. In this March dispatch, his 176th column for us (and he’s well into the 180s now), John compares and contrasts today’s pump hoists with those from his earlier days in the industry. If you like hearing John’s perspective from decades in the industry, check out this short movie we did with him a few years back. It’s well worth a watch or listen.

It’s Time to Drill Geothermal

Like everyone, here at The Driller we have our passions: We think drilling is a great career path. Given the attention and incentives showered on geothermal these days, we think it’s not a bad way to follow that path. The Driller Newscast episode 58 from April shows that passion. Anchor Brock Yordy talks to Joe Parsons about winning over drillers to geothermal work. The senior marketing sustainability manager for Climate Control Group is a geothermal industry veteran and former chair of GeoExchange.

“In my opinion, it is a very, very, very large opportunity, not only for those in the water well industry, but those who are looking to branch out into a brand new career,” Parsons says.

That, folks, is the first five of our top 10 stories of 2023. We’ll round out the list next week, so be sure to check back with us before the year ends. As always, thank you for being a reader (and watcher and listener) of The Driller. Have a safe and prosperous 2024 and keep turning to the right.