Columnist John Schmitt has served the water supply industry for decades, first and with rig and hoist and later as president of the National Ground Water Association. He has written a regular column for The Driller for many years, sharing his expertise on cable-tool drilling, pumps, well construction and many other topics. Hosts Jeremy Verdusco and Brock Yordy paid a visit to Schmitt recently to hear wisdom from his years in the industry. It’s a special in-person Drilling In-Site, episode 36.

“The biggest thing I see is that, when I was a young man at 18 drilling that first well by myself, the industry had a lot of what you might call mom-and-pop operations,” Schmitt says. “In other words, a man, or two men — maybe a father and son, maybe a man and his nephew — that ran a drilling business. That’s just about gone now.”

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Source: Jeremy Verdusco

Our talk ranges from well development to professional networking to — Schmitt’s specialty — cable-tool drilling.

“I’ve got some knowledge that a lot of folks don’t have due to the changing times, and I feel I have an obligation to exchange that knowledge with other people because when guys my age are gone, the technology is going with us, sadly.”

This episode covers topics like:

  • Farming families as the “farm” teams for the drilling industry.
  • Cable-tool drilling.
  • Cable-tool drill strings.
  • How drillers can benefit from formal education.
  • Cable-tool versus mud rotary development.
  • Making the most of professional networking.
  • How the drilling industry have evolved over decades.
  • Advice for drillers just starting their careers.

Check out today’s episode to hear more. Watch the video here or listen to the audio version of our conversation at You can also find our show on Apple Podcasts. Search for Drilling In-Site, then hit Subscribe.

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Source: Jeremy Verdusco

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