Heavy civil construction software provider HCSS has announced the launch of HCSS Copilot, what the company calls a first-of-its-kind natural language AI assistant for the civil construction marketplace. In a release, HCSS says Copilot provides real-time interactive support, enabling HeavyJob customers to gain additional insight and draw on personalized data in seconds.

”Since 1986, we’ve continued to innovate, refine and expand our software as the industry evolves, and this is the latest move in a long tradition of innovation at HCSS,” says Steve McGough, president and CEO. “When HCSS released HeavyJob 25 years ago, it was the first product of its kind in the market. At the time, equipping foremen with laptops in the field was unheard of. Now, mobile devices in the field are critical tools for streamlined documentation and project management. We are thrilled about the value-add this feature can drive for our customers and are encouraged by the early feedback we’ve received.”

HCSS says it will soon integrate customer-specific data within Copilot, so HeavyJob users can receive tailored, instantaneous and actionable insights into projects. The company says its team of researchers, engineers and industry experts will continue to partner with its select group of customers to build the next generation of intelligent support, analysis and task automation, with plans to incorporate Copilot across the entire HCSS platform.

HCSS says customers are excited about the potential.

“We’ve used HeavyJob for many years and jumped at the chance to be an early adopter of HCSS Copilot,” says Tomas Zilka, vice president of operations at Pihl Excavating. “AI is obviously the future, and we’ve been intrigued by how it may enhance our workforce. HCSS Copilot gives us a front-row seat to this transformation. We’re excited to see its growth in HeavyJob and beyond.”

HCSS provides construction software for estimating, field entry, project management, safety, digital plans, fleet management and telematics. For more information, visit hcss.com.