Itron, a global provider of water and energy technology, is partnering with AI specialist to tackle one of the water industry's most pressing challenges—pipe failure. Their collaboration will focus on developing Itron's Pipe Asset Management solution, aimed at enhancing the prediction and management of water pipe conditions.

The Pipe Asset Management solution integrates Itron's comprehensive water portfolio with’s artificial intelligence capabilities to assess and predict the health of water pipes. By analyzing data from various sources, including Itron’s metering technology and existing utility databases, the solution will identify pipes at risk of failure, those needing maintenance, or potentially containing harmful materials like lead.

Data analyzed will include geographic information system (GIS) data, historical pipe failure records, and pipe material data. Additionally,'s AI technology will utilize external factors such as soil conditions and terrain to improve the accuracy of its failure predictions.

"Itron and are helping utilities use science and AI to overcome the challenge" of "identifying pipes that are at high risk of failure," said Don Reeves, Itron's senior vice president of Outcomes.

In addition to the potential risks of water loss and service disruptions, there is also a growing concern around the presence of lead in the water supply. Many communities still have lead service lines, which can leach harmful contaminants into the water. In order to address this issue, the Pipe Asset Management solution will also incorporate Itron's tools for lead pipe inventory and management.

Itron and note that the new solution is particularly important as water utilities work to ensure the safety and reliability of their systems. A recent study from Utah State University found that approximately 20% of water pipes in the United States and Canada are beyond their useful lives. In order to address this aging infrastructure, the report authors recommend increased investment in pipe replacement and rehabilitation.

To facilitate these efforts, many water utilities are looking to new technologies and data-driven approaches. By implementing advanced metering systems and analytics tools, utilities are able to collect and analyze large amounts of data on their water distribution systems. This data can provide valuable insights into the condition of the system and help utilities prioritize infrastructure investments.

Itron's new Pipe Asset Management solution is the latest example of how the company is looking to leverage its existing technology and data analytics capabilities. The company is a leader in the smart water market, with a wide range of solutions for water metering, data collection, and asset management.

Based in Liberty Lake, Washington, Itron serves as a global provider of water and energy technology. The company works with a wide range of customers, including water utilities, cities, and industrial facilities.