We’ve all heard it: Young people these days don’t want to work. But it’s not necessarily true — and often downright wrong. So how do you talk to a boss or coworker who says young people or [fill in the blank] people don’t want to work, but who really needs to look in a mirror? Host and drill trainer Brock Yordy has suggestions. It’s Ask Brock episode 121.

“Our industry needs young people,” he says, so chasing them away with negative — and wrong — preconceptions doesn’t serve anybody.

“It is a company’s culture, right?” he says. Managers or other company leaders can carry negative attitudes about all kinds of groups based on everything from age to gender to race. “We need to have them go stand in a mirror … and ask, ‘Would my friends want to come work with me right now?’”

In this episode, he talks also about vaccinations (go team Pfizer!) and the recent 2021 South Atlantic Jubilee event in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Click above to hear more.

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