We’re all invincible, right? But we’ve all had projects things don’t exactly go as planned, and we’re forced into stressful trade-offs. The stakes on some projects can keep people up at night, so on this installment of Ask Brock, episode 124, host and drill trainer Brock Yordy offers tips for managing the stress of high-profile (and high reward) drilling projects.

“You know how we deal with stress on high-profile projects? With support,” he says.

“We should have a tailgate talk about mental health. We should have a discussion. We should have a support system in place. The same as we’re mitigating the risks for all the rest, we need to think about the stress.”

In this episode, he also discusses the safety aspects of stress, how stress can distract you from critical tasks, suicide prevention and other topics. Click above to hear more.

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