You have questions about Covid-19 and Coronavirus. We have answers — at least the answers available now in this quickly evolving situation. Episode 50 of Ask Brock talks about the virus, how seriously we should take it and what the drilling industry is doing to establish protocols for getting work done during these uncertain times. Host Brock Yordy says don’t be a tough guy, and to remember social distancing isn’t about you. It’s about all the vulnerable people you know.

After watching this episode, don’t forget to check out Yordy’s interview with former National Ground Water Association (NGWA) President Jeff Williams, MGWC, CVCLD, who is this year’s McEllhiney Lecturer and vice president of Spafford & Sons Water Wells. Williams, along with former NGWA President David Henrich, CWD/PI, CVCLD, vice president of Bergerson-Caswell Inc., and others helped develop best practices for drilling contractors to use to help mitigate risks from the virus to both crews and customers. It’s a valuable reference for all drillers, regardless of whether they work in water wells.

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