It’s the hottest part of the year in much of the northern hemisphere, and many areas have had record temperatures to boot. This week on Ask Brock, episode 67, host and National Driller writer Brock Yordy takes a question about working in the heat.

This summer, he says things are even more complicated due to masks and hygiene protocols used to reduce virus risk. That may slow things down a bit, but hard work is hard work, and fluids aren’t just important for the drilling.

“It starts by hydration,” Yordy says of safeguarding against the heat, “and making sure we have enough potassium and sodium in our bodies. … When you’re thirsty, you’re already a quart low.”

He adds that energy drinks, soda and (let’s be honest here, sometimes) drinking the night before can all throw off hydration. Check out today’s episode for more hydration tips and for the danger signs of heat stress.

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