The Wright family was one of hundreds of Rowlett, Texas, residents that lost their homes to the deadly tornado on Dec. 26, 2015. Many homes remain in disrepair in the damage area and some families have run out of options. In addition to the pain of tornado damage, many homeowners in the area have to deal with the struggle of insurance issues and bad contractors. Hood says she has seen enough.

The repairs will utilize the new CSR174 drilling machine built by TMG Manufacturing.

“This incredible drill rig is designed to achieve maximum torque and depth for helical pier applications. The rig is unique in that it is extremely efficient and utilizes a proprietary 4 speed gearbox that allows for accurate control of both speed and torque,” said Cathy Hood. 2000 Industries is the first rig dealer of TMG materials and rigs in the DFW Metroplex.

Before the project kicked off, Fortress Foundation Systems and their local partner 2000 Industries were eager to get started.

“We can't have a homeowner rebuilding on a slab we suspect is unstable. We wouldn't want our family living that way, nor would we want that for someone living right here in our own community,” Hood says. This particular area of Rowlett has some of the most expansive clays in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Fortress Foundation Systems is based in Rockwall Texas. The company prides itself on outstanding customer service, quality control and communication. The owner’s background includes sinkhole repair as well as varied types of foundation remediation. For more information regarding Fortress Foundation Systems, visit

Founded in 2003, TMG Manufacturing specializes in geotechnical products, drilling rigs, tooling and equipment. TMG’s main facility is located in Tampa, Fla., just north of Tampa International Airport. TMG is a nationwide service provider. Its 20,000-square-foot facility is equipped to manufacture and fabricate a multitude of products specifically designed for the geotechnical industry, including compaction grouting drill rigs, SPT and CPT soil testing drill rigs, compaction grouting equipment and products, underpinning equipment and products, drill rods, drill casings, drill bits, augers, as well as tooling used in the installation process. To learn more, go to

2000 Industries of Carrollton is an authorized dealer of TMG, MFG Products. The company has specialized in materials for foundation repair companies and their customers for 24 years. For more information, visit