TMG Manufacturing is launching the first-ever purpose-built combination SPT, CPT and auger drill rig.

The company touts the rig as the first in the industry with the versatility to auger drill, rotary/mud drill, SPT hammer test and perform a full function CPT test in one compact track-mounted package. It gives drillers the option to invest in one machine to test soils using SPT or CPT technologies, which saves money.

The crossover drill rig has a three drilling position mast. Position one has a standard rotary drill head attached to a wet swivel for mud rotary drilling. Position two has a powerful auger drive to do virtually any type of auger drilling. Position three is the unique custom hydraulic clamp style CPT drive head.

The crossover rig has all the functions and power of our regular CPT rig with the full functions and power of our regular SPT rigs, according to a TMG product announcement

Features include an 83 horsepower turbo diesel Yanmar engine, 20-ton (or 10 ton) hydraulic push system, custom single button hydraulic CPT rod clamp, telescopic SPT mast and much more.

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