TMG Manufacturing has delivered the first purpose-built Crossover 183 combination SPT/CPT and auger drill rig to Insuma S.R.L, a Costa Rican geotechnical engineering company. The Crossover 183 Drill Rig combines SPT testing and CPT testing, along with rotary core drilling and auger drilling.

“We are very excited about the Crossover Rig line”, says Michael Heimbach, the company’s chief operating officer. “This new design has opened the door for engineers to invest in one machine and offer both CPT and SPT technologies. This offers incredible savings both with the upfront purchase and with ongoing operating costs.”

The multi-purpose soil investigation test drill rig allows the engineer to take advantage of two testing technologies — CPT and SPT — in one compact rig. TMG Manufacturing calls the new concept and design is a first for the industry. It offers tremendous savings for drillers and engineers, taking away the need to invest in two separate rigs.

TMG Manufacturing offers the Crossover Rig with an 83-horsepower diesel engine, Hawe hydraulic system with 60GPM load sensing axial piston pump, a dual cylinder mast with 20 ton CPT push capacity, 16ft telescopic SPT and wireline tower, a three position drill head slider for Rotary core drilling, Auger drilling and CPT pushing, and a built-in mud/water pump.

After a detailed consultation with the customer regarding the intended drilling needs and parameters, TMG Manufacturing will recommend the most appropriate drill head to meet the specifications. The ability to customize the drill head and offer a dual purpose soil investigation drill rig allows the customer to purchase the rig that best suits their individualized drilling needs.

TMG Manufacturing is currently building a smaller version of the Crossover Rig with a 38-horsepower engine and a smaller footprint with a 10 ton CPT push system, for more confined areas.

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