Check out some of the most noteworthy instrumentation products in the industry.

Water Level Measuring

Global Water Instrumentation, Gold River, Calif., presents the WL15 water level logger, an instrument designed to measure groundwater, surface water, flumes, weirs, tidal studies, wastewater and psi. The product's features include 24,400 recordings in memory; real-time display; and linear, logarithmic and event-based logging. The six pressure ranges meet a diversity of applications. Global Water Instrumentation

Field Computer

The FC4000 field computer, made by Geoprobe Systems, Salina, Kan., is powered by an embedded computer programmed to do soil conductivity logging, thereby eliminating the need for a laptop in the field during logging operations. Designed for use with Geoprobe's Direct Image electrical conductivity system, the FC4000 has a sunlight-readable display, requires no keyboard or mouse, and features automatic probe and system test functions. Geoprobe Systems

Small-sized Datalogger

Solinst Canada Ltd., Georgetown, Ontario, presents the 4.9-inch long Mini LT Levelogger, a water level datalogger that can be suspended on wireline from a lockable well cap or with direct-read communication cable. The unit's memory stores 24,000 data points, and a variety of ranges - from 15 to 300 feet - are available. It also has a sealed design for easier maintenance and offers protection from power surges. Solinst Canada Ltd.

Soil Conductivity Meter

The EM34-3 soil conductivity meter from Geonics Limited, Mississauga, Ontario, operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction, a technique that allows measurements without ground contact and provides variable depths of exploration to 60 meters. The meter maps geological variations, groundwater contaminants or any subsurface feature associated with changes in ground conductivity. It is said to be particularly well suited for the mapping of deeper groundwater contaminants plumes and for the exploration of potable groundwater resources. Geonics Limited

Multilevel Piezometer

Geokon Inc., Lebanon, N.H., introduces the Model 4500MLP multilevel piezometer, used for the measurement of groundwater pressures at multiple levels in a single borehole. Its design intends to simplify and expedite multiple piezometer installations by allowing them to be placed quickly and by eliminating the need for sand lenses and tamping. Geokon Inc.

For Bi-directional Fluid Measurement

Aaliant Fluid Measurement Solutions, Spartanburg, S.C., manufacturers a variety of flowmeters, including its Target flowmeter, a unit with bi-directional flow capability. The flowmeter's accessories include a mass flow computer, rate of flow indicators, totalizers, batch controllers and a BTU calculator. The units can be used in all kinds of applications, measuring liquids, gases and steam. Aaliant Fluid Measurement Solutions

Sanitizing System

The Sanitizer Series from Water-Right Inc., Appleton, Wis., is designed to provide clean, softened water by removing high amounts of iron and manganese, raising the pH and softening water through a single regeneration process. A 24-volt, one-inch-high flow control valve operates the entire system. The system analyzer communicates system status both visually and audibly, and there is choice of standard time clock, mechanical meter or electronic meter with system day over-ride. Water-Right Inc.

Acoustic Well Probe

Models 10A and 30A acoustic well probes from SA Electronics Inc., Boulder, Colo., are microprocessor-based, non-intrusive instruments that use sound waves to determine water levels. Data is displayed automatically on a large, portable LCD readout, and you can save water level data on a laptop for later printing and plotting. The models are said to be ideal for clean well applications and irregular well configurations. SA Electronics Inc.

Gas Detectors

The REGAL chlorine or sulfur dioxide gas detectors, made by Chlorinators Inc., Stuart, Fla., are designed to sense low levels of free chlorine or sulfur dioxide in the environment, and are to be used wherever these gases are stored, distributed, or where potential leakage would pose a risk. The units display gas concentration on a three-digit display and a 12-LED bargraph, and will sound warnings when levels get too high. Chlorinators Inc.

Electronic Water Well Tester

Powers Portable Well Sounder, produced by Powers Electric Product Co., Fresno, Calif., tests water wells to determine the static level, draw-down level and recovery rate levels. The instrument's cable, which has an electrode attached to the end and comes in lengths up to 2,000 feet, is lowered into the well to conduct the test. An on-off toggle power switch, milliampere analog meter, audible beeper, circuit test button and 9-volt battery all are standard equipment. Powers Electric Product Co.

Drill Monitor

Thomas Instruments, headquartered in Spofford, N.H., manufacturers the DM-100 drill monitor, a system that displays information such as hole depth, bit depth, total footage drilled and drilling rate on a large, back-lit LCD display. It also displays the boom angle - front to back and side to side. Other highlights include easy-to-press buttons and memory that is retained when power is shut off. Thomas Instruments

Well Management

The AMS SK3500 well management system from AMS Inc., American Falls, Idaho, is a skid-mounted system that provides an automated hydraulic-driven, single boom with two spools - one spool for the hose and electric pump, and the second fitted with support cable for use with other down-well equipment. The on-board generator powers the hydraulic system and electric pump. AMS Inc.

Water Level Indicators

Waterline Envirotech Ltd., Bellingham, Wash., manufactures water level indicators with measuring capabilities from 75 to 2,000 feet. They come in both coaxial cable - marked in 5-foot intervals - and in flat tape with stainless steel conductors - marked in engineering, standard or metric scales. These portable instruments are mounted on a lightweight, freestanding braked reel and have selectable light or buzzer signal, as well as variable sensitivity settings for differing water and well conditions. Waterline Envirotech Ltd.

Non-electric Flowmeters

ISTEC Corp., Roselle, N.J., offers a complete line of flowmeters - the Series 1900 - designed to measure and monitor the flow of irrigation, well water and even extremely polluted water. The meters, which are available in pipe sizes from 2 inches to 10 inches, do not require electrical power and still can be read remotely. Standard features include large digits for easier reading, removable measuring chamber, self-cleaning turbine, vacuum-sealed flow counter and magnetic coupling. ISTEC Corp.

Inclinometer Casing

By removing the need to rivet each joint together, the Glue & Snap inclinometer casing, made by RST Instruments Ltd., Coquitlam, British Columbia, is engineered to be assembled quickly for long- and short-term monitoring in the field. It features a snap-together, self-aligning flush coupling combined with a high tensile/high torsional strength glue joint. It is available in 5- and 10-foot lengths, with diameters of either 2.75- or 3.34 -inch OD. RST Instruments Ltd.