Product Focus: Most Requested Products of 2000


Never Get Stuck Again - Rugged AlturnaMats are perfect track where drilling rigs and heavy vehicles must pass across mud or soft terrain. Withstands 60 ton vehicles, tough polyethylene, double sided deck plate design. Full 1/2E thick. Reuse hundreds of times. Sizes: 3Ox8O, 2Ox8O, 2Ox6O, 2Ox4O. These rugged AlturnaMats are field tested in record breaking cold and intense heat. Card No. 274.

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation offers ultraviolet disinfection purifiers to remove bacteria and virus from water without heat or chemicals. The Minipure line is ideal for point-of-use applications. Flow rate 1 to 9 gpm. The Mighty-Pure line offers superior quality and outstanding value. Flow rate 2 to 20 gpm. The Sanitron line has patented dual action wiper mechanism for cleaning quartz sleeve without interrupting operation. Flow rate 2 to 416 gpm. Card No. 255.

Atlantic Screen and Manufacturing

Atlantic Screen & Mfg., a manufacturer who slots vertical and horizontal as well as perforated pipe, has been in business since 1980. Their pipe uses are for domestic and commercial wells, sprinkler systems, injection wells, under drains, methane gas collection, leachate collection, monitoring wells, and strainers. They offer monitor well, vapor and recovery well products, water sampling and purge pumps, soil sampling and geotechnical products, bailers, bentonite, well gravel, well seals and vents, locks, manholes, centralizers, and instrumentation. Atlantic Screen also threads pipe NPT, ASTM, Atlantic, or other types of thread. They work with 1/4" thru 24" diameters with slot sizes .008 thru .500 of an inch. Atlantic perforates 1/16" as large as you need and will custom fabricate to your specs with either your pipe or theirs. Card No. 266.

Automatic Filters, Inc.

Automatic Filters, Inc. offers Telken self-cleaning water filters that save money spent each day in the labor of cleaning and replacing screens. bags, and cartridges. Operation is by line pressure alone without power requirements. Ask for our filter video show on CD-ROM. NEW!! Low cost, high quality stainless steel filters at carbon steel prices. Card No. 258.

Chemical Engineering Corporation

Chemical Engineering Corp. introduces the MacClean "One Step" water softener, which provides standard offerings of a water softener, removing hardness and mineral deposits, and lets you install, service and maintain it with less effort and time. You can set the time and walk away! With one turn of a dial, soft water is provided. A safe, low-voltage unit, it offers a seamless resin tank with integral flanged mouth for easy connection and disconnection. Its patented CYCLONE Distributor turns the resin bed over and spins the resin with cyclonic action to scrub it free of deposits. Visit our Website at Card No. 262.

Coyote Manufacturing, Incorporated

A new Coyote mounts directly on the pressure switch and protects pumps from running dry and low voltage. Like all Coyotes, it features adjustable sensitivity to running dry and a restart timer selectable from one minute to one hour. An external reset button protrudes from the bottom to override the timer and restart the pump immediately. Designed to save submersibles, jets, centrifugals and sumps, Model 1PH230V-PS is for 230-volt motors up to two HP and Model 1PH115V-PS is for 115-volt motors up to one HP. Card No. 263.

Cycle Stop Valves, Inc.

Cycle Stop Valves, Inc. manufactures pump control valves that work like an automatic transmission for your pump. You can have constant pressure at any flow and extend the life of your pump by stopping the excessive cycling on and off that a "tank only" system experiences in variable flow applications. The tank size is significantly reduced because they are only necessary for time delay and surge control. Cycle Stop also manufactures pumping stations using their patented pump control valve. Their systems maintain constant pressure at very wide flow ranges. Soft starts and stops eliminate water hammer, line breaks, and surge problems caused by cycling pumps, while allowing for energy efficiency associated with VFD systems. Card No. 254.

Flint and Walling, Incorporated

Flint and Walling, Inc. offers a bottled water factory - this activated carbon filter reduces over 100 EPA priority water contaminants, including chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. It enhances water quality for the entire home by removing chlorine from laundry, improving the taste and odor of drinking water, and providing chemical-free bathing for healthier skin and hair. The unit is easy to install, and plumbs directly into 3/4" line before the water heater. It wastes no water, uses no electricity and is chemical-free. The filtering mineral lasts approximately three years, and can be replaced by just using a shop vac. Card No. 261.


FloCat introduces a new flow meter catalog with more than 100 flow meters, and more than 10,000 related products. FloCat provides a factory-trained technical staff to assist the user in catalog product selection. Orders may be placed by phone, fax, e-mail, or US mail. The 120-page catalog includes the following flow meter technologies: magnetic, thermal mass, ultrasonic, vortex shedding, in-line turbine and paddle wheel, insertion turbine and paddle wheel, variable area, positive displacement and differential pressure flow. The catalog includes numerous models in each technology. with a wide range of flow rates and pipe sizes. Card No. 251.

Geoprobe Systems

Geoprobe Systems' newest groundwater sampling tool, the Groundwater Profiler, enables the user to conduct vertical profiling of groundwater quality from a discrete interval using 6" or 12" (152 or 305 mm) screens. Profiling can be performed to determine vertical distribution of contaminants as the tool is advanced into the formation. It also lets the user conduct hydraulic conductivity tests at each sampling depth to determine the most probable contaminant flow paths. The Profiler is 1.375 in. (35 mm) in diameter and can be telescoped through Geoprobe's 2.125-in. (54 mm) probe rods. Bottom up (positive pressure) grouting can be conducted when an expendable point is used. Card No. 265.

Global Water

Global WaterOs Waterlogger now can be used in pump test applications! The WaterLogger provides a datalogger with an accurate pressure sensor for monitoring and recording water level, flow, and pressure information. The high recording rate option speeds up the WaterloggerOs recording interval to take readings every 1, 2, 5, or 10 seconds and is used primarily in pump tests. Six full-scale level ranges (from 0-3O to 0-250O) are available with 25O vented cable. Extra cable lengths up to 500O are available. Card No. 270.

Goulds Pumps

Goulds Pumps Hydro-Pro tanks feature the following enhancements: a polypropylene injection molded liner to ensure water will not contact metal, a 125 PSI maximum rated working pressure (except MP models). The tank boasts a two-coat protection system and a heavy-duty base made of high-density polypropylene which eliminates corrosion due to condensation and exposure to the elements. Card No. 272.

Grundfos Pumps Corporation

Grundfos Pumps Corporation brings environmental pumping systems into the 21st century with the new Redi-Flo3 submersible pump. A high efficiency, permanent-magnet motor and microelectronics provide ultra-high starting torque and integrated protection against pump dry-run, over and under voltage, overload, and over-temperature. The optional Redi-Flo3 status box allows communication through standard electrical motor leads. No additional wires are required. This feature provides the use of multiple sensors, digital input, and relays without additional control box electronics and cost. Card No. 250.

Instrumentation Northwest

Instrumentation Northwest's Dedicated Ground Water Sampling Pump is custom system built around the Grundfos Redi-Flow. INW's Dedicator is designed for simple installation in 2" or larger monitoring wells. Using the SI/MPI variable frequency drive, continuous sample flow rates down to the EPA-recommended 100 ml/minute are achievable from wells as deep as 250'. INW's Happy Hose can help insure that tools inserted into the well will not become tangled with motor leads, safety cables, and discharge tubes. Card No. 256.

International Pump Technology, Inc.

Ground Hog Grouter - Using the *Ground Hog GrouterE makes grouting wells easier! Interpump offers two models for your convenience. A continuous mix grouter has a separate mixing tank and pumping hopper to enable non stop pumping of grout. The pump on our single tank unit can be used for filling the hopper with water as well as pumping the grout. Card No. 271.

Istec Corporation

Istec Corporation has announced availability of a complete line of turbine flowmeters. The flowmeters are designed with electronic interface capabilities such as reed contacts for remote reading or interconnections with computer systems. The Multi-Jet Turbine Flowmeters are available in 1/2" to 12" pipe sizes and are designed for cold water to a -122-degree maximum or with fiberglass components for hot water to 250 degrees. The hermetically-sealed counter design can be turned 360 degrees for reading and all counters are non-resettable and sealed to make them tamper-proof. Every flowmeter is tested and calibrated to assure accuracy. Card No. 248.

Kyocera Solar

Kyocera Solar recently introduced SDS-D and Q Submersible Diaphragm Pumps. Constructed of marine-grade bronze and stainless steel, they are the highest quality diaphragm pumps built. These pumps are highly reliable because they are set below and away from freezing temperatures, require no priming, and do not need special housing, or protection from the elements. These units were built specifically to be powered with photovoltaic modules. Simplicity is the key feature of the SDS line of pumps. They can operate on 12 to 30 volts of direct current power and are easy to install, lightweight and small. Card No. 247.

Little Beaver

Little Beaver's One Man Portability for Soil Sampling, Testing and Well Monitoring. * Mounting Versatility * Powerful 100 ft. depth * Reliable PS-18 power source * Swing-away drill head for sampling & testing. Hollow Stem Auger- Tough, yet Lightweight Built for Speed, Rugged and Modular * Half the weight, easier to pick up and use * Tough, steel augers and blades * Replaceable cutting blade inserts of steel or carbide. Card No. 273.

Marks Products, Inc.

Marks Products, Inc. introduces its color GeoVision Jr. Borehole Camera System! This high-resolution, low light, system is designed to view boreholes and water wells 2 - 24 inches in diameter. The system can go 650 feet (1,000 feet option is available). When supported with a pipe string, the camera head can be tilted and rotated for side and upward viewing. The system has a 5Ó flat screen, color, LCD monitor. The camera has waterproof PVC housing with built-in white LED lights. Hand-operated, heavy-duty, ball bearing, steel reel holds 3-conductor polyethylene jacketed cable; marked in foot or meter increments. Card No. 257.


Mattracks Extensive testing and development in conjunction with military and commercial uses recently resulted in introduction of Mattracks new Model 105-M1. The Mattracks system has approximately 1.5 psi down pressure which provides mobility and traction in mud, sand, snow, swamp, and tundra conditions. Features include: all new molded rubber track with a rugged traction tread design that provides extended wear characteristics while retaining the Mattracks smooth ride; larger internal drive lugs with angled paddles assures no material build up while providing increased side slope capability; lateral stiffness provides equal ground pressure across the entire width of the track. Card No. 246.

R.E. Prescott Company

R.E. Prescott Co.'s Repco Pump Puller can also be used as a pump installer. It offers a simple method for installation and removal of residential well pumps. By locating the Pump Puller directly over the well, attaching the lifting cable to the pitless adapter and pushing the power up button, the pipe and wire wind up on the drum like fishing line on a reel. The well pipe and wire are out of harm's way, off the grass and dirt, clean and sterile. The unit is easily operated by one person and offers 500 lbs of lifting capacity. Card No. 259.

SA Electronics, Incorporated

SA Electronics, Inc. makes water level measurement a straightforward and efficient process with its acoustic probes, the models 10A and 30A. These microprocessor-based instruments are truly user-friendly. The operator simply enters well casing size and minimum distance. From there, these smart instruments use sound waves to determine water levels in a matter of seconds. Measurement data is automatically displayed in increments of 1.0 foot or 0.1 meter for model 10A and in 0.1 foot or 0.1 meter in model 30A, on a large LCD readout. This software enables you to record the water levels on a laptop or notebook computer during a pump test, for example, and save the data for later printing and plotting. Card No. 269.

Thomas Instruments Incorporated

Thomas Instruments Inc. introduces the DM-100 Drill Monitor that displays important information such as hole depth, bit depth, and drilling rate on a large and easy to read LCD display. Also displayed is the boom angle, front to back and side-to-side. It makes setup a breeze when drilling pre-split holes or whenever the angle really counts. No more guessing! Simply read the LCD screen to determine your boom angle when setting up each hole. Also included on the same screen is the drill rate. Know how many feet/minute or feet/hour you are drilling. Knowing your drill rate can immediately show a loss of production due to a dull bit or other causes. Card No. 268.

Triple O Systems, Incorporated

Triple O Systems, Inc. offers an ozone system for atmospheric tanks and cisterns designed specifically for the well driller and pump contractor. The Triple O Model TWTS-101 ozone system effectively solves common well water quality problems. This patented system works inside any atmospherically vented tank, continuously ozonating (oxidizing), circulating and filtering the entire tank contents 24 hours per day. Uses only 55 watts of electricity (costing typically about $3 per month). The system is safe for all tank materials since it produces low levels of ozone using the ultraviolet method. Card No. 260.

Water Right, Incorporated

Water Right, Inc. offers the new Sanitizer SeriesT, the only dual-purpose system that conditions well water while disinfecting itself. Exclusive Crystal-Right media removes high amounts of iron and manganese while raising the pH of acidic water through a single regeneration process. Chlorine is produced from the brine solution during regeneration to remove bacteria and associated odors. No special additives or chemicals needed. Operating status is communicated using a visual display and "chirp" alarm. Card No. 264.

Water Zone

Water Zone recently received patent approval for a major advance in treatment of well water. While the chlorination device known as ChlorZonatorR was developed for especially challenging iron and sulphur content found in the varying water quality in south Florida, it also can be used in disinfection of water supplies. The device oxidizes varying levels of iron and sulphur, requires no electricity or retention tanks, does not lose its prime, and is virtually trouble-free. The ChlorZonatorR uses a pellet chlorine tablet and is expected to have application worldwide following its successful application in over 2,000 homes. Card No. 249.

Waterline Envirotech Ltd.

Waterline Envirotech Ltd. has manufactured reliable water level indicators for over 20 years; offering measuring capability from 75 to 2000 feet in both coaxial cable, marked in 5' intervals and flat tape with stainless steel conductors, marked in engineering, standard feet and inch, as well as metric scales. Complete and ready to use, these portable instruments are mounted on a lightweight, free-standing braked reel with selectable light or buzzer signal and variable sensitivity settings for differing water and well conditions. Spare parts are readily available as well as a speedy, economical repair service for most brands. Card No. 252.

Wescor, Incorporated

Wescor, Inc. recently developed a new DatapodR DPX SeriesT water level recording system (DPX2p-WL) that can be hidden inside a 2" well pipe. The system will record more than 13,000 date and time-stamped reports. Choose: separate scan and reporting intervals (once a second to once a day); instantaneous or statistical (MIN-MAX-AVE) reports stored on erasable EPROM. The Datapod's powered by either one or two 9V batteries (alkaline or lithium) for up to three years. Communications are via an RS-232 COM port. Other options include solar-powered radio and modem communications and an out-put trigger signal to turn on/off alarms, pumps, etc. Card No. 267.

West Brandywine Supply, Incorporated

West Brandywine Supply, Inc. offers the Neptune UV Water Treatment system for water disinfection. Applications include households, real estate closings and point-of-entry household installation. The system features a stainless steel pressure vessel, flow control, and audible lamp-out alarm. A quartz jacket protects the UV lamp and maximizes liquid exposure. It features a liquid tight lamp connection, 9,000-hour lamp life, low power consumption, and horizontal or vertical installation. The inlet and outlet face left or right in vertical installations and it uses standard household fittings, has LED lamp operations monitor and flow rates to 12 gpm. Card No. 253.