We've gathered up some great water conditioning and filtration products for you to explore.

Sediment Filters

Merrill Manufacturing Corp. sediment filters are a helpful accessory for new water conditioners - these pre-filters keep sediment from entering the small valves that make the water conditioner work correctly. Unlike cartridge filters, these only need to b e flushed periodically. The filters range from 20 gpm to 100 gpm and from 1- to 2-inch sizes. Card No. 311

Airgap Assembly

This multipurpose airgap assembly from Eco-Tech is designed to connect ROs and softeners to all schedule 40 standpipes. The 2 inches of vertical airgap produces no splash, spray or mist under 15 gpm. Installation is designed to be fast and easy, providing a solid professional connection that is removable and reusable. All DLA series drain connections are IAPMO/UPC listed and model DLA-G meets ASME A112.1.3. The airgap is packaged in kit form with instructions and ABS or PVC ?ttings. Inlet sizes include th e following: 3/8- and 1/2-inch quick-disconnect, 1/2-inch barb insert, and 5/8-inch compression. Card No. 312

Ozone System

Designed specifically by Triple O Systems Inc. for the well driller and pump contractor, the Triple O Model TWTS-101 ozone system effectively solves common well water quality problems: iron, manganese, low pH, hydrogen sulfide, bacteria, taste, odor and m ost color problems. The system works inside any atmospherically vented tank, continuously ozonating, circulating and filtering the entire tank contents. It uses 55 watts of electricity and produces low levels of ozone using the ultraviolet method. Additi o nally, no air dryers are required, and all worldwide voltages/hertz are available. Card No. 314

Filter Vessel

Filter Specialists Inc.'s X100 Convertible Filter Housing is a strong, lightweight filter vessel that is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, and converts from filter bag usage to cartridge filters, allowing users to choose the filter media and constru ction to fit their needs. It is made from lightweight polypropylene, with a UV inhibitor for all-weather durability. The specially designed threaded lid allows for sealing and unsealing without the need of other tools. Other features include a "clean wall" design for easier manual cleaning or in-place flushing, and positive sealing of both bag and cartridge filters to prevent fluid bypass from occurring. Card No. 313

Ultraviolet Purification

The SANITRON brand of Ultraviolet Water Purifiers from Atlantic Ultraviolet Corp. have flow rates ranging from 120 gal./hr. to 25,000 gal./hr. These stainless steel units come standard with a dual-action wiping mechanism to facilitate periodic cleaning of quartz sleeve without interruption of purifier operation, and they conform to the U.S. Public Health Service guidelines. Units also feature fused quartz sleeves to help ensure maximum lamp output regardless of water temperature; glowing sight port, which provides continuous visual indication of lamp operation; and convenient drain plug for easy drainage of chamber. Card No. 283

Inline Filters

The CL-Series of inline filters from Omnipure Filter Co. is intended for a variety of uses including ice machines, water coolers, drinking fountains, as well as under-the-sink applications and as components in reverse osmosis systems. Each filter utilizes a spring disc that keeps media under ideal pressure, eliminating channeling and ensuring an equal distance linear path. Furthermore, no glues or binders that may cause contamination are used in the manufacturing process. Instead, components are friction-welded together, producing a reliable, no-leak seal. And finally, all threaded connections are precision cut by machine which results in the most accurate and repeatable thread possible. Card No. 310

Self-cleaning Filters

Made for low- to medium-flow applications, Amiad Filtration System's Scanaway filters are designed to clean themselves. The assembly is built of Polyacetal and has a central scanner with hollow wings facing the inner side of the filter screen. With the flushing port open, a turn of the handle rotates the scanner inside the screen, sucking the dirt from the screen surface and expelling it. This is done during the filtering process. The Scanaway has a red button that pops up signaling that it's time for cleaning. The filters are available in 2- and 3-inch diameters and can handle flow rates up to 180 gpm. Card No. 316

Domestic Filtration

Big Brand Water Filter Inc. offers a home filter system intended for use in homes with up to three residents. The Eco Home Products' Under Sink 3 system tucks away conveniently under the sink. A special lead-free stainless steel faucet is included that delivers the drinking water. The Under Sink 3 has a 5-micron sediment filter, a GAC filter and a Pb-1 lead and 1-micron sediment extruded carbon block for lead and cyst protection. Card No. 284

Cold Water Filters

Aqua-Pure Drinking Water System filters from CUNO Inc. typically are used in the kitchen, bathroom or bar for all cold water coming out of a normal faucet. They reduce dirt, rust and sediment, and the model AP-DWS1000 is specifically designed to address taste, odor, chemical and pesticide concerns. This model has automatic shut-off after 625 gallons and a flow rate up to 0.5 gpm. It is available with or without a lead-free faucet. Card No. 321

Single Cartridge Design

Waterbetter single cartridge filter housing product available from Harmsco Filtration Products delivers high flow filtration with up to 170 square feet of filter area. These products feature an upflow design, low carbon stainless steel housing construction and an optional chemical resistant coating. They come in 40-, 90- or 170-square foot sizes, and are offered in an extensive choice of micron ratings and media, including carbon block. Card No. 322

Fine Sediment Removal

Keystone Filter, a division of the Met Pro Corp., offers a wide choice of filter models depending on how small the particles are that customers want to remove from their water. For fine sediment filtration in cold water, the Keystone 5- or 10-micron sediment removal filters are available. They utilize a pleated cartridge to provide a large amount of filtration surface area and greater dirt-holding capacity. In water and water-like liquids, dirt is trapped on the outside surfaces of the filter cartridge. Card No. 319

Twin System Series

The ATW-Series water conditioner from Water-Right Inc. employs a twin media tank designed to achieve effective water treatment in 24-hour demand applications. The twin system series offers 20,000- to 300,000-grain capacities with flow rates to 40 gpm, while providing iron, manganese and pH correction. Controls are fully adjustable, with a choice of electronic or mechanical metered regeneration activation. The control valve features a Teflon-coated, solid brass piston and corrosive-resistant spacers and seals. The ATW-Series control operates all steps of regeneration of the dual tank configuration, including backwash, downflow, brining and rinse operations. Card No. 315

Three-stage System

The BRS-3 Tri-Filter from CAI Technologies is a three-stage drinking water system designed to reduce sediment, tastes, odor and pathogenic bacteria. The system uses a 5 micron sediment pre-filter, a second stage premium grade carbon (GAC) filter and a third stage ceramic filter element said to be able to remove up to 99.9 percent of suspended solids and water borne bacteria down to 1 micron in size. The ceramic filter element incorporates a silver compound to make it self-sterilizing. The ceramic filter also is effective for the reduction of cysts such as giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium. All materials are FDA and/or NSF compliant. Card No. 317

Environmentally Friendly System

For environmentally restricted installations, Sigma Water offers the Sigma 2000, an alternative to salt-based water softeners. With no filters to change or salt to buy, this water conditioner unit requires no monthly maintenance. The system also does not discharge salt or brine into the environment, and it allows the drinking water to retain all its valuable minerals. Card No. 318

Filtration Sands and Gravels

Unimin Corp. specifically engineers its FilterSil Well Gravels for water well completion. FilterSil, which is mined from high purity industrial quarts, creates a porous filter to expand the effective diameter of a well for increased hydraulic conductivity. The inherent permeability of these rounded sands also helps to reduce well drawdown to better equalize the rate of transmission with the pumping rate, thereby increasing overall well efficiency. Acting as a sieve between the formation and well screen, FilterSil eliminates fine sands and silts without any corresponding headloss. Card No. 323

Reverse Osmosis System

Aquacheck offers the Water-Safe 10B-ASO reverse osmosis system, which is designed for chlorinated water supplies and handles 10 gallons per day. Features include 5-micron, 10-inch polypropylene filter housings, a 10-inch granular activated carbon post filter, a 3-gallon storage tank with ball valve, automatic shut-off valve and a precision-controlled flow restrictor. All units are bench tested and storage tanks sanitized. Card No. 320

Chlorinating System

B & B Chlorination helps treat water problems at the source with the Mark I Dry Pellet Chlorinator. The Mark I mounts directly on top of the well to drop chlorine pellets into it. As the dry pellets sink into well water, they begin to dissolve immediately and release chlorine throughout the entire well. The chlorine oxidizes iron and manganese ions, controls iron bacteria, and eliminates foul-smelling corrosive hydrogen sulfide. Card No. 325

Aeration System

For the removal/reduction of gases - hydrogen sulfide, methane, radon, volatile organic compounds and odors - from potable water, Water Guard, a division of ACTION Mfg. and Supply Inc., manufactures the Duke Aerator. With the Duke, well water enters the unit from the well pump and is sprayed through the non-clogging nozzles, creating a fine mist, thereby releasing the gases from the water. With the indoor model, gases are then vented outside through an exhaust blower. The system contains a submersible pump to supply water to the building. Standard features include rust-free fiberglass constructions and an easy-clean gel-coated exterior. Card No. 324