We've rounded up a bevy of pumps for you to check out.

Constant Pressure

The Balanced Flow System from Goulds Pumps offers constant pressure in a compact and lightweight installation. The system's variable-speed submersible pump and motor are rated for continuous operation, feature sand-resistant design and construction, and have a permanent magnetic motor for high starting torque. You can use this system in a variety of applications, including residential wells, small irrigation systems, systems with ground source heat pumps and locations where space limits tank size. Goulds Pumps, Card No. 35

Check Valves

Merrill's new Malleable Iron Check Valves are available in 1- through 2-inch sizes. These valves incorporate a heavy-duty spring and basket style poppet for a no-spin valve action. The heavy/thick sealing disk is backed by a stainless steel washer. The valves are zinc plated and totally lead free. Merrill Manufacturing Co., Card No. 40

Peristaltic Technology

Barnant Co. offers its line of Ponndorf peristaltic hose pumps in 24 dry-running and lubricated models, with capacities up to 220-psi pressure flow. These hose pumps feature no seals to leak, no check valves or flap valves to clog, and self-priming suction lift to 26 feet. Furthermore, because of the pumps' peristaltic technology, the pumped fluid only contacts the hose material, making the pumps particularly useful for abrasive slurries and corrosive fluids. Barnant Co., Card No. 28

3-inch Submersibles

SQ, SQE 3-inch submersible pumps from Grundfos feature integrated dry-running protection, as well as over- and undervoltage protection. The pumps are suitable for the following applications: domestic water supply, ground water supply to waterworks, irrigation in horticulture and agriculture, ground water lowering, and industrial applications. If so desired, the SQE can be protected, monitored and controlled via CU 300/R100. Grundfos, Card No. 36

Horizontal Multi-stage Pumps

Sta-Rite Industries' Pro-Jet HMS Series horizontal multi-stage jet/centrifugal pumps are recommended for deep well installations where higher pressures are desired than can be delivered with single-stage jet pumps. These pumps are available in 3/4-, 1- and 1 1/2-Hp models with heads to 167 feet, capacities to 62 gpm. Installation and service are simplified with Sta-Rite MS deep well jet pumps with bolt-on adapters. Sta-Rite Industries, Card No. 292

Total Fluids Applications

Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc. has introduced the Auto-Reclaimer, which is designed to pump floating hydrocarbons, leachate and condensate in total fluids applications. The Auto-Reclaimer is operated automatically and needs no controller - everything needed to operate the system is built into the pump. The design is made to withstand the harshest and most corrosive environments, such as landfills, gas stations, and refineries or mines. Geotech Environmental Equipment Inc., Card No. 33

Self-priming Centrifugal

The Godwin Dri-Prime - a totally automatic self-priming centrifugal pumpset, available in sizes from 2 inches to 16 inches - has been successful in sewer bypass jobs, as well as many types of dewatering applications. With maximum flows to 6,000 gpm, heads to 500 feet and solids handling to 3.75 inches in diameter, the Godwin Dri-Prime is capable of handling storm water, sewage, industrial sludges, oil and other pumping requirements. Godwin Pumps, Card No. 34

Contractor Dewatering Pumps

Lightweight, compact SPV-Series portable electric submersible dewatering pumps from BJM Corp. are designed as portable contractor pumps. The pumps are available in two different motor sizes and in high volume or high head configurations. Conversion between high head and high volume is done in the field using ordinary hand tools. The impeller is made of hi-chrome steel and the wear parts are rubber lined. The pumps are rated for continuous duty and have class F motors. BJM Corp., Card No. 27

Three Designs Offered

Choose from three designs of Aermotor Pumps Inc.'s 4-inch submersible pumps to fit your specific needs. The A+, S and T series all include Aermotor's lubricated and sealed "A-Plus" top bearing. Flows from 5 gpm to 75 gpm in horsepower sizes ranging up to 10 Hp are available. Aermotor Pumps Inc., Card No. 26

1/2-Hp Submersibles

Morris Industries, an international distributor of plumbing products for the domestic, commercial and monitor well drilling industries, manufactures a variety of submersible water pumps. Morris 5-, 7- and 10-gpm series pumps are available in 1/2 Hp. These pumps may be used with 4-, 5- and 6-inch wells. Morris Industries, Card No. 286

Deep Well Pump Line

National Pump Co. offers a full range of vertical turbine pumps, water or oil lubricated, of threaded or flanged construction, with capacities to 6,000 gpm and heads up to 1,440 feet. All pump models are in stock as standard materials and can be customized at service centers located throughout the United States. National Pump Co., Card No. 287

Vertical Pumps

Fairbanks Morse vertical submersible turbine pumps are designed to operate in a multitude of applications that can be found in deep well water supply service, in-line booster service, irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, urban and rural municipal water systems, and mine dewatering. The pumps have capacities of 20 gpm to 5,000 gpm, featuring nominal bowl sizes from 4 inches to 17 inches in diameter. Semi-open impellers are available in 4- through 6-inch bowls, while enclosed are available in 4- through 17-inch bowls. Fairbanks Morse, Card No. 31

Corrosion-resistant Pump

The new Patriot Series 4-inch submersible pump from Flint & Walling Inc. is designed to offer a wide range of performance for domestic well applications. This pump features corrosion-resistant components, a heavy-gauge 300 series stainless steel shell, integral suction screen and spring-loaded check valve. The floating stack design with precision molded staging allows abrasive sand to flow through, reducing the chance of pump failure. Models are available in 5 gpm to 27 gpm and 1/2 through 1 Hp. Flint & Walling Inc., Card No. 32

Jet Pumps

Whether you need a deep well, shallow well or convertible jet pump, choose from one of the many cast iron models manufactured by Red Jacket Water Products. The company's jet pumps - SRJ Shallow Well, DRJ Convertible, Quick-Set and E-Z Prime - are available with 1/2- and 1 1/2-Hp motors and can handle flows up to 26 gpm. Red Jacket Water Products, Card No. 291

Heavy-duty Cast

Heavy-duty cast, standard construction submersible pumps are available from Crown Pump Corp. The thick casting is designed with smooth water passages for efficiency. These pumps' impellers are precision cast, machined, hand filed and balanced for efficiency and a vibration-free operation. They also have an oversized pump shaft to help assure better operation and to increase the rigidity of the bowl unit. Crown Pump Corp., Card No. 29

Multi-stage Turbine Pump

J-Line Pump Co.'s vertical lineshaft, deep well multi-stage turbine has a cast iron or fabricated steel head. It is either oil or product lubricated, and has enclosed or semi-open impellers. The pump features the following ratings: a capacity up to 15,000 gpm, setting up to 750 feet and pressure up to 1,000 psi. J-Line Pump Co., Card No. 38

Multi-Purpose and Utility Pumps Offered

Monarch Industries manufactures a variety of cast iron and ductile iron engine-driven, self-priming dewatering, trash and sprayer/irrigation pumps. The TSP series self-priming trash pumps feature ductile iron casings and hardened faced seals, making them useful for handling solids and abrasive liquids such as bentonite. Monarch Industries, Card No. 285

Stainless Steel Centrifugal

The Webtrol Pro-Stainless Steel Series Centrifugals are designed for rugged continuous-duty service. They feature a closed coupled design to save space, centerline discharge to help avoid misalignment and distortion, and back pullout to allow for the maintenance of impeller and mechanical seal without the removal of suction/discharge piping. Available in capacities to 400 gpm and pressures to 120 psi, these pumps can be used in a wide variety of applications. Webtrol, Card No. 293

Vertical Turbine

Model JT vertical turbine pumps from Johnston Pump are designed for short and deep well applications. Maximum design conditions include a capacity of 40,000 gpm and a total head of up to 380 feet per stage. This model is available in a variety of sizes - from 6 inches to 42 inches. Johnston Pump, Card No. 39

Pump Control Valves

Cycle Stop Valves are pump control valves that change any constant speed pump into a constant pressure, variable flow pump. Flow rates range from 1 gpm to 10,000 gpm. The CSV3B model, which is available in 2 inches through 4 inches, can handle flow rates from 5 gpm to 500 gpm, with pressure adjustment ranges from 7 psi to 150 psi. Complete pumping stations also are available for turf irrigation, booster systems, etc. Cycle Stop Valves, Card No. 30

Shallow or Deep Wells

For shallow or deep well applications, A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. offers a full-line of jet pumps, ranging from 1/3 Hp to 1 Hp. There are shallow well capacities up to 1,600 gph and pressures to 70 psi. Deep well capacities range up to 1,000 gph and depths to 120 feet. The impeller is available in either engineered thermoplastic or bronze. A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co., Card No. 25

Regenerative Turbine Pump

Designed for low-capacity, moderate- to high-pressure pumping applications, Paco Pump's PACOTURB II regenerative turbine pumps are available in Unitype and frame-mounted configurations. Unitype (close-coupled) design are said to be ideal for applications where space is limited. The frame-mounted design permits easy adaptation to motors, turbines or engine drive. The pumps are available in a variety of metallurgies, including bronze and stainless steel, and come in capacities up to 100 gpm, horsepowers from 1/3 Hp to 40 Hp and heads to 1,400 feet. Paco Pump, Card No. 288

Pump Protection

Pompco Inc. manufactures a complete range of pumps and offers the accessories to complete your needs. One accessory, the PM-15 electronic control, is an easy-to-install submersible pump protection that replaces the gauge and pressure switch. The device is designed with the following protections: low water level, undervoltage and overvoltage, tank breakage, pipe leaking and rapid cycling. Pompco Inc., Card No. 290

Windmill Pump

Heller-Aller Pumps, a company over 100 years old that is owned by Hitzer Inc., manufactures efficient hand windmill pumps and pitcher pumps. Landscape pumps, as well as the decorative lamp pump, have now been added to the company's line. Heller-Aller's Model 555 windmill pump may be used on all dug and drilled wells with false well pits. Its water change and discharge pipe connections below frost level make it a positive anti-freeze pump. It is recommended for use on deep, hard pumping wells. Hitzer Inc., Card No. 37