For today’s special episode of The Driller Newscast, host Brock Yordy sits down with outgoing NGWA President Jason House and incoming President David Traut. They spoke at the National Ground Water Association’s Groundwater Week 2023 event in Las Vegas. 

“So many people are afraid to talk to the competition because they’re the competition,” Traut says. Events held by groups like NGWA help bridge that gap and let people connect, he says. “It’s like, ‘No. We’re in here for the common good of the water well industry and people are very free to share ideas and processes to make things better and easier in our industry.’ ” 

This episode covers: 

  • The 2023 Groundwater Week event in Las Vegas 
  • NGWA University 
  • NGWA’s Business Pro platform for contractors 
  • Engaging next-generation groundwater professionals 
  • The importance of clean water and those who provide it
  • Giving groundwater a collective voice

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