Anchor Brock Yordy this week wraps up his talk with geothermal industry expert Garen Ewbank of Ewbank Geo Testing. Plus, in this week’s safety segment, we look at an alarming rise of trench fatalities in the United States.

Ewbank, an IGSHPA-accredited installer and trainer, expects big things for geothermal in the near term as New York and other states push to reduce their carbon footprints.

“There is just going to be an enormous demand,” he says. “The engineering companies I’m working with throughout the United States, all of them have hiring needs right now. The drilling contractors I’m working with, they have needs for hands at all levels.”

This episode covers:

  • Rising trench fatalities in 2022
  • Tips for trench safety
  • How “net zero” electrification efforts can benefit the geothermal drilling industry
  • The state of geothermal in 2022
  • The benefits of geothermal HVAC
  • Poly-modal heat pumps
  • Demand for geothermal drillers and rigs

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