Our guest for Drilling In-Site, episode 41 is Jeff Lawrence, the director of commercial accounts with Enertech Global LLC, a manufacturer of geothermal and solar systems. Lawrence is bullish on geothermal, he just wants to see more drillers in the space. We brought him on to hear a manufacturer’s view on geothermal, talk renewable trends and discuss how tax and policy incentives affect the whole industry.

“The biggest hurdle that we have right now is getting drillers to commit to do geothermal,” Lawrence says. He says many companies migrated to other types of drilling when geothermal tax incentives lapsed in 2016. Of course, those incentives returned, but many companies that might bid on work had already moved on.

“How do we get them to come back and do more?” Lawrence asks. “It’s stuff like this. We’re talking about it. We got to raise the awareness, the interest.”

This episode covers topics like:

  • Tax credits for geothermal installations, and other incentives.
  • Recruiting drillers into the geothermal industry.
  • HVAC and the push away from combustion.
  • Comparing attitudes on geothermal in the United States versus parts of Europe.
  • The “first cost” issue in home and commercial geothermal systems.

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