Drillers are, of course, familiar with water supply: You drill a hole, water (hopefully) comes out. But what about demand? In episode 13, anchor Brock Yordy has updates on the global water crisis, plus celebrates student winners of DOE’s 2022 Geothermal Collegiate Competition.

“The rate of global aggregated groundwater storage depletion is considerable,” Yordy says. In this episode, he discusses the implications of large withdrawals from our global water banks.

This episode covers:

  • Getting your focus back on work after a holiday weekend
  • Department of Energy’s 2022 Geothermal Collegiate Competition awardees
  • DOE recognizes businesses for water, energy reduction goals
  • Improving energy efficiency in homes
  • Aging water compacts between states in the U.S.
  • Aquifer discharge and recharge
  • The future of groundwater regulation

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