Can you believe it’s been 150 episodes already? On this milestone episode of our Ask Brock series, host and drill trainer Brock Yordy takes a question from The Driller’s Safety 365 columnist Dave Bowers: How do we convince the industry to create more relevant training that is more widely available?

Both Yordy and Bowers train drillers. If you’ve seen them present at South Atlantic Jubilee or Groundwater Week, you know they put a lot into making presentations engaging. Most everybody needs continuing education credits, so why not make the courses interesting? The answer comes down to individual trainers, Yordy says.

“We have a choice: Do we continue to present the same mud school or the same pump school? Or do we push the envelope and teach something engaging and fun that shares knowledge and inspires people?

In this episode, he also discusses going beyond PowerPoint, keeping up with tech innovations and other topics related to making CEUs and other driller training programs impactful.

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