Well, ladies and gentleman, here it is: episode 100 of Ask Brock. It was an idea spurred by discussions at Groundwater Week 2018. Almost two years later, host, drill trainer and The Driller writer Brock Yordy circles back to answer why he answers all of these questions about drilling in the first place.

“We can’t learn this in a book,” Yordy says of all the ins and outs of the drilling trade. “But we have to realize that we need to be able to take the book stuff and the practical field knowledge and experience, and combine them.”

And, combine them he has. Over 100 episodes, he’s combined his Midwestern drilling roots with his international experience into informative answers on everything from foam drilling to getting promotions. His answers draw on experiences with private, public and military drilling projects, fluids and muds, manufacturing, training and a range of techniques. His goal? Recording it all and in the process making a resource for the industry.

“When we share this information, we grow as an industry. We show what we can do.”

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