This week, host Brock Yordy takes a question about safety training. What resources or guidance, if any, does OSHA have available that might apply to drilling? It’s Ask Brock episode 139.

For training, he urges companies to start with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s “Focus Four”: falls, caught in-between, struck-by and electrocution (and he adds a fifth, confined spaces). Then, he says, start looking at the specifics of your company’s equipment, injury records and jobsites.

“What are the hazards on the jobs? What makes our peoples’ Spidey sense pump up and go, “Man, I don’t feel comfortable doing that”? Those are the things that we need to talk about,” Yordy says. “Those are the things we need to do better.”

He also discusses general industry and general construction industry standards; lock out, tag out; gas meters and tracking near misses. Click the video to hear more.

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