Episode 143 of Ask Brock takes us to The Driller booth at the recent Groundwater Week event. This question comes from Ismail Hussein, who plans to take on drilling projects in Somalia. He wonders how welcoming the industry is to non-traditional drillers who come to the profession without formal training in engineering, or even family ties to well drilling.

“We are a welcoming industry,” Yordy says. But, he adds that it may not sometimes seem that way. “It is tough, because we don’t pull the curtain back that much and say, ‘This is how it takes.’ We kind of want it to be this secret society.”

He also talks about collaboration in the industry. Check out today’s episode to hear more.

Groundwater Week, put on each year by the National Ground Water Association, was held Dec. 14-16, 2021, in Nashville, Tennessee.

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