Manufacturer Solinst Canada Ltd. has introduced the Model 101 Power Winder, a tool the company says will save contractors time and effort in the field. In a release, the company says it connects to the frame of any size or model Solinst reel for “effortless” winding of longer lengths of tape, cable and tubing.

Solinst calls the Power Winder lightweight and easy to adjust to fit small, medium or large reels on the company’s products. It features adjustable telescoping arms and rollers, allowing it also to work with other water-level meters on the market. The company says that, while the Power Winder is simple to remove and use with multiple meters, it is ideal for dedicating to one reel.

The Power Winder operates using a standard power drill, which connects directly to the ¼-inch hex fitting on the winder or to an optional flex-drill adaptor for more ergonomic operation. The drill turns rollers that are in contact with the reel. Unwind and rewind tape by operating the drill in forward and reverse at various speeds.

The company says reels using the Power Winder can be placed on the ground, on a Solinst Field Table or other flat surface. Users can secure small reels to a well casing using a tape guide or optional cinch straps.

Solinst says the Power Winder works best with Solinst water level measurement devices, but also works well with Solinst tag lines or pump tubing reels, such as the Model 425 Discrete Interval Samplers. When connected to a Solinst level measurement device, using a drill at a very slow speed setting can allow precise level measurements.

Solinst Canada Ltd. has served clients in the groundwater and surface monitoring sectors for more than 40 years. The company offers a range of loggers, peristaltic pumps, samplers and other equipment for hydrogeologists, hydrologists and other water professionals. For more information, visit