Jay Egg, president of Egg Geo, has worked in and around geothermal for more than 30 years, helping to educate and advocate for ground-source heat technology. He has written or co-written several books on the topic, and presented at countless seminars and trade shows. On episode 14 of Drilling In-Site, we talk to Egg about the state of geothermal, what he expects in the future and other industry topics.

He says drillers have plenty of room to claim market share in geothermal, because demand will remain high as regulations increasingly weigh on carbon-based energy options. He has a straightforward recruitment pitch.

“Become an approved installer, accredited installer with IGSHPA, which is now GEO … and get registered with the local state,” he advises drilling contractors. Once contractors get onto lists of recommended, registered installers, Egg says business quickly follows.

“They really want to give this money away. … If you get on that state’s accredited list, you’re going to be busy. There’s no two ways about it.”

We cover Egg’s first forays into geothermal, the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association’s recent merger with the Geothermal Exchange Organization, tax credits, and a host of other industry topics. Check out today’s episode to hear more. Watch the video here or listen to the fuller audio version of our conversation at www.thedriller.com/insite-podcast. You can also find our show on Apple Podcasts. Search for Drilling In-Site, then hit Subscribe.

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