Yellow Jacket Drilling Services LLC recently completed a job at Phantom Ranch, a national park lodge called “a historic oasis nestled in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.” Visitors usually ride mules to get to the lodge, so we knew drilling there had to be a challenge. Here at National Driller, we were so intrigued by the job, we roped in Beau Burgess from Yellow Jacket to talk about it.

Host Jeremy Verdusco, editor of National Driller, and co-host Brock Yordy, expert drill trainer and National Driller writer, got into the details of this water well project with Burgess, who handled things for Yellow Jacket. He told us about the massive Chinook that took equipment in, rules and restrictions for working in a national park, and how easily mules get spooked.

“We do like to think of ourselves that there’s just about no hole we can’t get to,” Burgess says.

We hope you enjoy the discussion and welcome your input. What’s the most remote location you’ve gotten a drilling rig into? Comment below or send an email to


Yellow Jacket’s full video about the project: