Keller is integrating all its foundation businesses in North America into one unified company, and rebranding under the Keller name, effective Jan. 1, 2020, the company announced.

“We have a very proud history of success and market leadership in North America,” says James Hind, president, North America. “Combining our capabilities will strengthen our position and give us the platform for further growth and success into the next decade.”

Specifically, current North American companies Bencor, Case, Hayward Baker, HJ Foundation, Keller Canada, McKinney and Moretrench will be integrated into one company and rebranded as Keller.

The new company will be managed as eight business units. Seven will be geographically based, each with similar revenue and offering all relevant products, while the eighth will offer specialty services including diaphragm walls, instrumentation and monitoring, specialty grouting, ground freezing and dewatering, all currently only offered from a limited number of offices.

Moretrench Industrial, Suncoast, and Cyntech will stay as separate businesses within the Keller North American organization and retain their individual branding.

 “Primarily we are making this change for our customers. (By) operating as one Keller in each local market, offering all products and services, we’ll be easier to understand and engage with,” explains Hind. “And being more customer- versus product-focused, customers can be confident they’re getting the best, most competitive solutions, especially when these involve multiple techniques.

“Combining all our geotechnical strengths will therefore help Keller compete and win in North America. It will also be easier for teams to work together and realize best in class systems and processes, removing duplication and improving efficiency.”

The announcement was made well in advance of the effective date to help ensure a strategic and smooth transition, the company explained, as day-to-day operations continue in the interim.

Alain Michaelis, chief executive of Keller adds: “This is a significant step forward for Keller Group’s largest division. The team have done a great job in assessing and planning for a successful implementation. We are confident that these actions will further differentiate Keller as the leading geotechnical specialist contractor in North America.”

Keller North America offers the construction and civil engineering sectors a variety of ground engineering services. For more information, visit