Water system supplier Franklin Electric Co. Inc. has expanded its Fhoton SolarPAK System product family. In a release, the company says it now offers systems operating on as few as two solar panels up through large-scale watering systems using thousands of gallons per day. The product line now offers a variety of flow rates from 2 to 375 gpm, and power ratings of ½ up to 10 horsepower.

The company’s new ½-horsepower Fhoton SolarPAK Systems operate using only 48 volts, minimizing the number of panels required to run the system. Even with modest power, it produces flow ranges from 2 to 20 gpm. In addition, a new 5- to 10-horsepower Fhoton SolarPAK Systems offers high-flow option for faster tank-fill and significant water output. It produces flow ranges from 10 to 375 gpm. Lastly, the Fhoton SolarPAK is now designed to provide water in pressure boosting and water transfer applications with surface pumps.

The Fhoton SolarPAK System features a submersible pump and motor and the Fhoton solar controller, all in one package to provide water free of electrical utility dependence to remote or “off-grid” locations, or for homeowners that want to conserve energy. The controller has a compact modular design, can drive a broad range of submersible and surface motor types, and can be used in a new solar array or retrofit to an existing array in many cases, providing added application flexibility.

Franklin Electric offers an array of systems and components for moving water and automotive fuels. It serves residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial and municipal customers around the world. For more information about the Fhoton SolarPAK or any other product Franklin Electric product, visit www.franklinwater.com.