Oil and gas outsourcing company Associated Resources Inc. has opened a facility in Houston to handle administration functions like accounting, division orders and the tracking of lease records.

“The oil and gas industry needs to have options when it comes to the way companies administer their assets and we are proud to be one of those options,” says Mike Gibson, managing director, who will be in charge of the facility. “We believe that a flexible option to back-office oil and gas administration is needed in Houston.”

Gibson has 13 years of experience as a landman, project manager and land manager at the corporate level.

“Each client has different needs and we work hard to identify those requirements up front to help them succeed,” says Vice President Brandon Ward. “ARI does business the way our clients want their business handled and this type of customized service is rare in our industry. We are excited to be expanding our operations with this facility in Houston, at the heart of America’s energy industry.”

Contact Gibson at the Houston offices at mgibson@associated-resources.com or call 832-725-2236.

Associated Resources Inc. (ARI) has more than 26 years of experience providing service to small- to mid-sized oil and gas companies. ARI currently operates in every producing basin of the continental United States. For more information, visit www.associated-resources.com.