Goulds Water Technology, a Xylem brand, released its VTX Series, a line of submersible vortex pumps that features an improved impeller design for superior waste-handling capabilities.

A recessed vortex impeller creates a whirlpool of pressure that pulls solids through the system without touching the impeller vanes, minimizing clogging and allowing fibrous materials to pass through the system. Materials such as flushable products can pose clogging issues for wastewater systems due to their stringy, cloth-like composition. According to the company, the vortex impeller of the VTX Series resists clogging more effectively than a traditional two-vane impeller and is capable of handling solids up to 2-inches in diameter.

Additional VTX Series features and benefits:

  • Field serviceable — With the oil-free dry cap feature, a repair technician can service the capacitator in the field by pulling the pump from the pit and accessing the dry cap compartment, saving time and money on service calls.
  • PSC motor — The single-phase motor eliminates the need for a starting switch, and provides maximum starting torque and energy efficiency, for quick start-up.
  • Overload protection — Features built-in overload with automatic reset and is oil-filled for constant heat dissipation and cool operation for extended product life.
  • Durable materials — The impeller and casing are cast-iron and the shaft and fasteners are corrosion-resistant 300 series stainless steel; mechanical seals of silicon carbide provide superior abrasive resistance.

The VTX Series is available in five models, ranging from 1/2 horsepower to 2 horsepower, and displays pumping capabilities up to 208 gallons per minute.

For more information on the VTX Series, please visit goulds.com/vortex.

Xylem, based in Rye Brook, N.Y., serves the public utility, residential, commercial and agricultural markets with a variety of pump and water treatment products. The company has about 12,500 employees worldwide. For more information, visit www.xyleminc.com.