Xylem’s Goulds Water Technology brand 3SD sewage pumps feature non-clog dual seal and seal sensor probes. The pumps combine dual hard-face mechanical seals with a 300 Series stainless steel keyed shaft motor for defense against harsh environmental conditions. The commercial-grade pumps are designed for continuous operation in commercial, industrial and residential applications, including farms, hospitals, sewage systems, and flood and pollution control. Their cast iron, two-vane, semi-open, non-clog impellers with pump-out vanes for mechanical seal protection are designed with maximum efficiency in mind. The pumps come in single- and three-phase options with a 1.5- to 5-horsepower range. They also are balanced for smooth operation and capable of running dry without damaging the inner components. The 3SD sewage pumps support a variety of hydraulic requirements and are certified by the Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association. www.goulds.com