Atlas Copco has launched its new Powerbit range of top hammers, a series it says is designed to last longer in any type of rock formation.

“Our power bit testing domestically and abroad has consistently demonstrated substantial improvements in bit life when compared to our old assortment, and competitive product,” says Ross Gjerde, product manager for Atlas Copco Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools.

The company says the new range combines all aspects of drill bit technology to ensure long life more feet of production before the first regrind. Powerbit products feature a new bit shape with a harder, stronger steel body. Atlas Copco Secoroc’s Trubbnos — unique trapezoidal buttons — replace earlier semi-ballistic buttons.

The Powerbit series also features the patented Enduro Extra surface treatment, which the company says provides superior bit strength for all rock types – hard to soft, abrasive to non-abrasive. The company says that tests in a variety of conditions at 13 sites across the globe, drilling more than 164,000 feet, demonstrated service increases of 20 percent over competing bits, with penetration rates improved up to 10 percent.

Atlas Copco Secoroc also supports the Powerbit series with a full line of tooling, including top hammer shank adapters and drill rods.

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