Atlas Copco is introducing a new drilling rig, the SmartROC D60, which drills accurate quarry, construction and surface mining blastholes from 4 ½ to 7 inches in diameter. The versatile down-the-hole (DTH) machinecan also be used in toe-hole, dewatering and horizontal drilling applications.

“What we have in the SmartROC D60 is robustness and intelligence working together to achieve optimum performance and cost efficiency. The result is that the owner gets more holes per shift and consistently high productivity,” says Mike Wentworth, product manager for Atlas Copco Surface Drilling Equipment in the U.S.

The SmartROC D60’s automation capability is designed to optimize efficiency for consistent productivity. Hole Navigation System (HNS) and auto positioning features help improve fragmentation characteristics by precisely locating holes, accurately collaring and drilling them to the required depth and inclination.

The standard SmartROC D60 feed eliminates the need for inductive sensors, ensuring more reliable handling of 16.5-foot drill steel from built-in sensors of its rod handling cylinders and carousel motor. The rig’s Auto Rod Handling feature automatically adds and then extracts rods when desired depth is reached. Its feed can be positioned horizontally, making service and maintenance routines even easier.

“The development of this rig is the latest in our drive to produce a wider range of surface drill rigs giving better results at lower cost. It’s the smart way to go in today’s economy,” Wentworth says.

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