Sidewinder Drilling, a drilling company based in Houston, has made the decision to increase drilling efficiency through the use of DRS Technologies motors.

The largescale drilling contractor is pairing four DRS PR Series 1,600-horsepower permanent-management (PM) motors with Weatherford EH-1600 Triplex Mud Pumps. The DRS PR Series motors were selected because of their low speed and high torque capabilities. 

“The successful factory testing, commissioning and fielding of our motor with the Sidewinder team is a major milestone for DRS as it continues to bring industry-leading technology to the oil and gas industry,” says Rich Armstrong, vice president and general manager of DRS Power Technology Inc. “Permanent magnet motor technology and the direct-drive mud pump design provides significant value to drilling contractors and their customers alike.”

The PM motor system is designed for drilling applications where drilling speed and accurate torque control is required while delivering higher operating efficiencies than traditional induction-type motors. Additionally, the PM motors allow for a direct-drive configuration designed to reduce weight and increase reliability by eliminating belts and sheaves. That reduction in weight makes transit of the pump system much more efficient during operation.

DRS and Sidewinder Drilling worked closely during the pump commissioning process to perform detailed mechanical and electrical tests and integration.

“The Sidewinder Rig 106 started drilling with the new PM system and we are seeing positive results and are now planning for installation of the next system on Rig 107,” says Tommy Green, director of technical services at Sidewinder. “We look forward to the benefits of the direct drive mud pumps with DRS’s permanent magnet motors to increase efficiency in our field operations.”

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