Solinst Canada is releasing a new version of its Solinst Levelogger App. Created to make water level data collection and sharing more convenient, the new interface takes field efficiency to a whole new level.

A key feature, Bluetooth compatibility, allows water well drillers, pump installers and other groundwater professionals to connect their Levelogger to their smartphone or tablet without wires. The Levelogger app easily threads onto the end of a direct read cable or adaptor and is paired with a smart device running the Levelogger app.

App functions include starting and stopping the connected Levelogger, downloading logged data, viewing real-time data and programming the Levelogger with the same options found in the Levelogger PC software. Linear, event and schedule sampling; future start and stop times; projection, location and GPS coordinates; and continuous and compressed memory are all available programming options.

Downloaded and real-time data can be viewed on a smart device; data logs can be shared instantly via emails, or exported directly to a PC in the office. The PC software can be used to perform barometric compensation and other data adjustments.

The app is compatible with Android devices and available to download for free on Google Play.

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