AquaLocate released an update to the company’s GF6 groundwater locating device. The update improves on both the device’s hardware and software.

“The new design is sensitive to deeper signals, with and improved user interface allowing for easier groundwater data collection and interpretation,” AquaLocate founder Earvin Kraemer said. “Additionally, it’s more compact, resulting in lower development costs.”

Kraemer’s company has manufactured the device since 2001. This latest update improves on the original design and software developed by geophysicist Richard Clarke of U.K.-based company GroundFlow Ltd. AquaLocate manufactures the GF6 device for groundwater investigations. It also offers the PL14 system for oil and gas investigations under the name PetroLocate.

The GF6 works with a sound wave generator to collect data on hydraulic conductivity. That conductivity, in turn, indicates the potential for groundwater flow. AquaLocate says this data allows the trained operator of a GF6 to determine depth, thickness and quality of aquifers. It also says the device can estimate likely yield of a groundwater well drilled on a specific site. The device, the company says, eliminates the need to drill test wells when searching for groundwater.

AquaLocate manufactures, sells and rents its GF6 systems, and also trains operators. For more information, visit or call 800-251-2920.