AquaLocate’s GF6 groundwater location device has helped professionals find reliable sources of potable groundwater, even amid serious droughts affecting areas like Texas.

“The seismoelectric technology has changed my life,” said Gerald R. Burden, owner SG Ventures Group LLC. Burdon’s company bought into AquaLocate’s technology seven years ago. His company operates under the names American Water Surveyors and AquaKnow.

“I now have that business I always wanted, I am no longer working for someone else and I am helping many people along the way find dependable sources of groundwater,” Burdon added.

American Water Surveyors performs pre-drilling assessments for a range of clients, including ranchers, farmers, homeowners and real estate developers.

AquaLocate’s Earvin Kraemer recently updated the company’s groundwater location unit to provide deeper imaging at a faster rate with improved overall accuracy of the depth, yield and thickness estimates.

Kraemer’s company has manufactured the device, which is currently used on four continents, since 2001. This GF6, released in early 2014, improves on the original design and software developed by geophysicist Richard Clarke of U.K.-based company GroundFlow Ltd. The new unit is designed to help locate potential well drilling sites for residential, agricultural and even municipal water systems and regularly aids farmers and residential home owners locate groundwater in drought areas.

The GF6 works with a sound wave generator to collect data on hydraulic conductivity. That conductivity, in turn, indicates the potential for groundwater flow. AquaLocate says this data allows the trained operator of a GF6 to determine depth, thickness and quality of aquifers. It also says the device can estimate likely yield of a groundwater well drilled on a specific site. The device, the company says, eliminates the need to drill test wells when searching for groundwater. In addition to the improvements made to the new unit, it is weighs less than one-fourth what the previous model weighed. 

AquaLocate manufactures, sells and rents its GF6 systems, and also trains operators. For more information, visit or call 800-251-2920.