Manufacturer Little Beaver released a video series spotlighting the Lone Star LS T1+ trailer-mounted drill.

The videos cover operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the rig, which can work water wells, soil sampling, geotechnical testing and other applications.

“These new videos solidify our commitment to providing customers the best possible resources for their drilling missions,” said Joe Haynes, Little Beaver president. “We want our products to be easy to operate so customers get the most out of them in the field. These videos will go a long way toward that goal.”

The first three videos feature Lone Star professionals demonstrating preparation and drilling. Videos four and five look at the rig’s function in the field, and present tips to help operators keep it running at its best.

The LS T1+ can reach depths of 300 feet and drill boreholes of 6 inches. It has pull/pushback force of up to 5,000 pounds. Lone Star’s website says it works best in sand, clay and hard rock formations.

View the videos at the Lone Star Drills YouTube channel:

Lone Star Drills touts its products as a “convenient and powerful solution in areas with minimal resources for transportation and operation.” The company is a division of Little Beaver, which designs and manufactures hole-digging equipment in Livingston, Texas. For more information, contact 800-227-7515 or email, or visit or