Franklin Electric announced a rebranding of Cerus Industrial as Franklin Control Systems. Franklin Control Systems, based in Hillsboro, Ore., will be key to the company’s efforts in the market for electronic drives and controls for water pumping, HVAC and industrial systems.

 “Giving the Hillsboro unit an identity that is unique yet still connected to Franklin offers a clear signal of our intent for this business,” said DeLancey Davis, president of North America Water Systems for Franklin Electric. “We look forward to new ideas and innovative control solutions that will contribute to the overall success of our company.”

Franklin Electric recently acquired Cerus Industrial, and Franklin says the subsidiary’s new branding reflects the “desire to strengthen the entrepreneurial core that bolstered the success of Cerus Industrial, while at the same time providing a solid infrastructure to promote its sustainability.”

Products manufactured by Franklin Control Systems will carry Franklin Electric or Franklin Control Systems branding, depending on the market. Many of the components within those products, however, will still bear the Cerus brand.

The company’s website will change to

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