Atlas Copco recently announced the release of a reverse circulation kit for the company’s DM45/50 mid-range blasthole drill. The company says the kit adds a new

DM45/50 mid-range blasthole drill
  The new reverse circulation kit is sold as an after-market retrofit for existing DM45 and DML rigs. Source: Atlas Copco

dimension of in-pit grade control.

The kit is meant as a retrofit for existing drills. It includes a cyclone arm for with a vertical raise and lowering function, as well as rotation of 160 degrees for safe access during cleaning and maintenance. Key features of the cyclone assembly include:

·         Upper and lower knife valves for sample collection and isolation;

·         A hydraulic hinge between the dump box and cone splitter for easy cleaning;

·         A fixed-cone splitter with primary and duplicate sample chutes.

The operator has full cyclone and sample function control from the cab.

The sample collection feature includes a 66-liter dump box, with a steep cone that limits sample hang up. Primary and duplicate ports adjust from 4 to 15 percent. A carousel features 4½-inch rod cups with a full on-board capacity of 145 feet.

Other components of the kit include a blast box/discharge, blow-down valve that does not require external three-way valving or unnecessary hosing above or around the rotation head, an above-head dual swivel, and fully integrated hose management designed for safety.

The DM45 and DML (DM50) drills offer hole diameters ranging from 4½ inches to 5¾ inches, and maximum depths of 145 feet based off on-board capacity.

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