Bauer Maschinen GmbH is set to launch its new ValueLine and PremiumLine classes of BG drilling rigs at the upcoming Bauma 2013 show April 15-21 in Munich.
The ValueLine is designed for kelly drilling, whereas the PremiumLine includes rigs intended for a variety of applications.
Bauer’s PremiumLine ranges from the BG 12 up to the BG 50. PremiumLine rigs perform rotary techniques like kelly drilling (with or without a casing oscillator), classic continuous flight augering and cased continuous flight augering, as well as soil displacement pile drilling. They can also perform ground improvements such as cutter soil mixing, single- or multiple-soil mixing, and deep vibration, or be fitted with BC trench cutters. The company says this makes the rigs suitable for a wide range of common foundation engineering techniques, and adaptable to a variety of soil types.
All PremiumLine rigs can be fitted with a Tier IV i engine to conform to the highest emissions standards. Tier II and III engines are also available for markets where emissions are not regulates. Base carrier units for the line hold to the lowest noise emission values in their class.
The main winches for the PremiumLine rigs feature high pulling forces and wide drums. A drilling and drawing assist function aids handling in “Single-pass” drilling operations. State-of-the-art electronic systems make the rigs easy to control and highly responsive. The new Bauer B-Tronic Generation 4.1 is an enhanced variant, featuring monitoring of the winch pull and hoisting speed, a torque indicator and error message display as well as a diagnostic assist. The BG PremiumLine models are also equipped as standard with the Bauer kelly visualization system, which provides operators with full assistance to ensure the kelly bar is operated optimally and with low wear. A tablet PC with built-in wireless functionality now likewise comes as standard in the new PremiumLine cab.
Bauer says one of the key objectives in designing the PremiumLine was safety. The rigs incorporate fall guards, integrated ladder to access the uppercarriage and handrails on wall walkways, as well as walk-on platforms on top of the uppercarriage. The uppercarriage also features lift-up hatches. Counterweight disks can be variably stacked. The rigs also include a new cab design with state-of-the-art ergonomic layout, and an array of cameras to enable monitoring of all operations as well as blind spots around the rig.
Bauer Maschinen designs and manufactures drilling rigs, diaphragm wall equipment and related tools, and operates as an independent entity within the Bauer Group. For more information, visit