Liebherr has plans to emphasize its function as a full-service provider for deep foundation applications at Bauma 2016 with the trade show premier of its LRB 355 piling and drilling rig and its HS 8130 HD duty cycle crawler crane. In addition, the LB 36 rotary drilling rig will be displayed with Kelly drilling equipment.

With fuel efficiency in mind, Liebherr offers an automatic engine stop function. The system prompts the deep foundation machines to automatically cut off the power supply during longer work interruptions after having checked certain system functions. The Eco-Silent Mode helps lower the engine speed to a predefined required level, resulting in a decrease in diesel consumption and noise emission without negative effects on operational output.

Fitted with next-generation diesel engines, the three Bauma exhibits work with lowered engine speed. The slow-down results in a further reduction of fuel consumption and an increase in efficiency. For the HS 8130 HD duty cycle crawler crane, the hydraulic system was optimized so the machine achieves a higher material handling capacity than its predecessor, despite lower engine power.

Multi-Function LRB 355

The undercarriage of the new LRB 355 piling and drilling rig, with lengthy tracks, is designed to offer a high level of stability. Its parallel kinematics give the machine a large operating area. Another aspect relates to the direct mounting of all winches on the leader. On the one hand, this allows for a direct view from the operator’s cab to the main winch and, on the other hand, ensures that the ropes do not move during leader adjustment. The optional elevating working platform of the LRB 355 enables safe and easy access to the attachments. Additionally, it facilitates the assembly of tools as well as maintenance work at the jobsite.

The LRB 355 is available in two different configurations with a maximum height of 33.5 meters and a maximum weight of approximately 100 tons without attachments. The rig is driven by a powerful V12 diesel engine offering 600 kW (750 kW is optional), which complies with the U.S. Tier 4 final emissions standards.

Additional advantages of the new piling and drilling rig are its fast mobilization and easy transportation. The rig can be transported with the leader and multi sledge attached to the machine. In order to minimize the transportation length to a mere 22.6 meters, the leader can be folded. No tools are required for folding the leader and mounting the counterweight. The LRB 355 has been specially designed for drilling with full displacement tool and achieves a torque of 450 kNm in this application. The LRB 355 can, however, be used for numerous other applications including drilling with Kelly equipment, double rotary head and continuous flight auger, soil mixing as well as piling jobs with vibrator and hydraulic hammer.

HS 8130 HD Duty Cycle Crawler Crane

The Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane, type HS 8130 HD, can be used for various deep foundation applications as well as for the typical material handling tasks of a duty cycle crawler crane. These include working with slurry wall grab up to 35 tons and casing oscillator up to 3 meters, material loading with grab or dragline bucket, dynamic soil compaction, plus various dredging applications.

The 130-ton crawler crane can be transported with the railings, catwalks and pedestals fully assembled on the upper carriage. This accelerates the mobilization of the crane on the jobsite.

Further features that facilitate the mobilization are the self-assembly system for crawlers and counterweight, as well as the telescopic jack-up system. Additionally, the HS 8130 HD can be easily transported thanks to a weight of 50 tons and to the maximum transport width of the basic machine at 3.5 meters.

LB 36 Rotary Drilling Rig

This rig is fitted with the BAT rotary drive, which was first presented three years ago, and offers a torque of 410 kNm and can be individually configured depending on the type of application. The main advantages of the hydraulic drive manufactured by Liebherr are automated torque adjustment, continuous speed optimization and four electronically adjustable speed ranges. Additional assets of the rotary drive are its simple structure, its low maintenance requirements and efficiency.

The LB 36 weighs 115 tons and has been designed for drilling diameters of up to 3 meters and drilling depths of maximum 88 meters. The Kelly winch with 40 tons of line pull and the rope crowd system with 40 tons of pull force offer a significant technical advantage. They provide the operator with reliability in difficult soils and extreme operational conditions. High stability is also provided thanks to the large footprint of the undercarriage. Similar to the other machines of the LB series, the LB 36 is specially designed for Kelly drilling, continuous flight auger and double rotary drilling, as well as soil mixing work.

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