Atlas Copco launches four new Simba drill rigs.

Atlas Copco simultaneously launched four new Simba long-hole production drill rigs. The existing Simba rig fleet has been joined by the Simba ME7 C, the Simba E7 C, the Simba E7 C-ITH for in-the-hole (ITH) hammers, and the Simba W7 C, which is fitted with a water-powered ITH hammer for special applications.

The four stingers on the new rigs should enable operators to achieve a much more secure setup and more stable positioning. The stability of the rigs’ BUT 45 boom is engineered to increase the degree of precision and control possible. It has a 360-degree rotation, a tilt angle of plus 90 to minus 10 degrees, and a boom extension from 3.3 feet to 5.25 feet. All four new Simba drill rigs are equipped with an automatic rod-handling system. The control system platform not only provides automation, but also self-diagnostics and data-logging. The new rigs are designed for long-hole drilling up to 168 feet theoretical depth in medium to large drifts. Besides production holes, the rigs have been used to drill service holes and drainage holes. Equipped with the COP1638, COP2550 and COP 3060MUX tophammer rock drill, they perform ring drilling both upward and downward.

The Simba ME7 C drills 2- to 3.5-inch parallel holes spaced up to 22.6 feet apart, and the Simba E7 C drills 3.5- to 5-inch parallel holes up to 20 feet apart. The Simba E7 C-ITH drills parallel holes in the 3.6- to 7-inch range with 17-foot spacing. The Simba W7 C drills 3.5- to 6.5-inch parallel holes up to 19.4 feet apart. The rigs are also equipped with low-emission diesel engines for reduced environmental impact.