We just returned from the National Ground Water Association exposition in Orlando, Fla., and for those who missed it, it was a great show.

We just returned from the NGWA (National Ground Water Association) exposition in Orlando, Fla., and for those who missed it, it was a great show. As usual, there were many suppliers displaying their products and equipment. There were many excellent and well-attended workshops. There may not have been as many attendees at the Orlando show as there have been at the past Las Vegas expos, however, it may have been because of its being in the southeastern U.S. this year. The NGWA officials had everything organized very well.

I enjoyed it even more because of my recent knee replacement. I had my electric scooter standing by. Due to the long distance from the parking lot to the exposition, my scooter was very helpful. Bess said that I was getting around so well that she couldn’t keep track of me and might have had to put me back on my scooter.

We met many new friends from Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and other countries. We especially enjoyed meeting and visiting with our four new friends with Perforaciones Zaragoza from Costa Rica. Even though Bess and I don’t speak or understand Spanish very well, we were able to communicate with them through Albino and Deby Vasquez, who spoke English very well. They gave us a gift of Costa Rican coffee, which we appreciated. Bess and I hope to visit with them soon in Costa Rica.

We renewed many old and valued friendships, such as David and Darren Massey of Sandia Well Drilling from Edgewood, N.M.

The Master Ground Water Con-tractors (MGWC) luncheon was well attended. The MGWCs didn’t have a meeting or person in charge; I’m sure we’ll be working on that for our future meetings. We did get to meet and congratulate several of the new Green Jackets. To date, I think we have around 80 active MGWCs. Note: The NGWA advises that because of privacy issues, it can’t share members’ addresses, phone numbers or e-mail information.

I have been successful in getting address and email information directly from many MGWCs to add to Porky’s Green Jacket Consultant list. This list was compiled for and is shared with only those MGWCs who want to be able to share their expertise and experience with other Green Jackets.

I encourage attendees to write, call, e-mail or fax the NGWA with your comments and suggestions –positive and negative – about the exposition. This is the only way they know it was presented and received, and how they possibly can improve it in the future.